7 Tips To Increase Your Motivation Immediately

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

#1. Find your mantra

The first motivational tip has a slightly mystical side. A mantra doesn't have to fit - it just needs to get you inspired.

Everyone has their own life to live and, I can't say what your mantra is - but I bet you probably already have something in mind.

#2. Remember your peak moments

This is one of those self-motivation techniques that are not difficult to apply.

We can also call this "being in the area" or "in the weather." 

But peak times mean finding your best work moment.

They are moments of joy, and they remind us of who we are, what we are doing - and why we are pursuing our unique goals in life.

# 3. Be active

There is so much research out there that talks about the benefits of exercise - and countless studies that show how it can improve.

When you don't exercise, it's not just your fitness that suffers, but your other goals suffer as well.

Your work after an exercise session, after a run and a refreshing bath, becomes a very productive day, and you should do this every day. You will undoubtedly feel the difference. 

It is one of the best ways to stimulate yourself every day.

You don't need to understand all the science: what you need to know is if you are afraid and really hitting your head against the wall with your work - you can be better off walking away for a moment and taking care of your body. This will be reflected in your mind.

Take a break and run, walk or stretch for half an hour - you will come back refreshed and ready to work.

A peak moment is a time when you feel you are at the peak of your productivity moment. And staying that way is a great way to stay motivated.

At your peak, you connect with the time when you felt more fulfilled, more willing, more present.

A moment of introspection in which you say:

"Yes, this is something to remember, this is a moment in my greatest soul, my most authentic and best moment."

If you're not at your best - try to remember the times you were and use this to recharge your batteries and get into the dynamics of motivation.

# 4. Motivate yourself daily

The motivation lies in yourself.

What do you think is more straightforward:

Motivate yourself after an unproductive day, week, or month.

Motivate yourself after a series of successes, one better than another?

Of course, it is easier to be motivated when things are already coming your way. So why not start the day with a boost?

Start your day with a share of inspiration. You will be reminded daily about your motivation and move forward towards your goals.

# 5. Remember that this moment is precious

Sometimes, when we are not motivated to do what needs to be done, we need to remember that if we miss this opportunity, this chance may be unique, and we will never get another one like it.

Our minutes, hours and days are all about time - and it's up to us to live the life we want, right now. Know how to manage time!

Every moment of our life is essential - remember this and feel the building of motivation within you.

# 6. Don't let the energy run out

It's the little things that lead to a motivational drop. 

It is skipping a workout to go out with friends, then 2, and so on.

In the coming week, in the back of your mind, you are already thinking that today is a bad day for the gym - there is so much momentum working against that it is difficult to start again.

Don't fall into that trap. So, there is no way to build motivation!

When you find yourself falling into the same old routines, take action immediately, no matter how small the victory, use that momentum for new tasks.

# 7. Get out of the fault wake

The last motivational tip is to increase your confidence as well.

Lack of motivation is one of the biggest reasons why people fail. You know what?

Once people start to fail, it becomes more difficult to motivate themselves - often, until they hit rock bottom and have nowhere to go.

So, if you find yourself in a toxic series of failures - you have to get out of it.

You need to start having some small wins - so you can feel the benefits of taking some action in your life.

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