Are you focused on your goals?

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

A study by Gloria Mark, a professor of computer science at the University of California, in partnership with Humboldt University in Berlin, showed that the human brain needs approximately 23 minutes to entirely focus on something. The study adds that, on average, our concentration is interrupted every three and a half minutes. When you are involved in several projects, which require your full attention, the task list tends to seem endless and constant daily distractions. These are the ingredients that lead us into thinking that the final goal is too distant.

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The importance of setting goals and staying focused

Start by defining the final goal. When it is clear and known, it acts as a driving force to continue its journey.

Look at the goal as a sort of target or purpose and remember the importance of staying focused on the path to get there.

Have you thought about the benefits of working focused also on professional goals and aspirations?

We face, in the work context, very demanding challenges, such as pressure, the need to do more and better, competitiveness ...

The stress generated by such factors can affect decision-making, productivity levels, and personal life.

The only way to overcome all of this, and avoid dispersion, is to stay focused on your goal and be willing to make choices that will take you where you want to be.

What to do to make it happen? Maintaining the focus on the goal implies thinking about what you are trying to achieve and drawing a path to get there, being persistent, and disciplined in fulfilling the actions that make up that same path.

Learn to say "no": Refusing or dismissing tasks that are not essential to achieving your goals is just as relevant as doing those that are really important. Make a daily or weekly list of the essential tasks to achieve your goals and leave behind what is unnecessary.

Be persistent and maintain your willpower: Personal motivation to continue, even when something goes wrong, is not always easy. Persistence and willpower will make it easier to focus on what is truly important: believe that you will achieve what you want and obtain positive results. Willpower is like a muscle: the more you exercise, the stronger it will become.

Control your time: doing several things at the same time or frequently interrupting tasks to start others, can contribute to moving away from your goals. In overcoming them, time is a valuable resource. Use a list to simplify the organization of the multiple tasks. Do not want to do everything on the same day, but also do not waste time with the accessory, as this will only contribute to increasing your stress level.

Create a favorable work environment: Constant interruptions and unnecessary distractions change your focus. Organize your workspace so that it is not interrupted. Put headphones on your ears, a background music, and try to abstract yourself from the conversations of your co-workers. If necessary and possible, move to a calmer place and take rest breaks. Do you tend to look at your phone often? Disable notifications or even opt-out.

Try to compensate yourself for each stage reached: Although the grand prize is the achievement of your goal, if you are rewarded on the way, you will be more motivated to continue. Whenever you complete a task, or take less time than expected to complete it, offer yourself a gift. If you think you have a right to delight yourself whenever you do something, you will do it better and faster.

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