Why you should be practicing gratitude ?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

It is nothing new that the practice of gratitude is essential for us to enter the vibrational flow of the Universe. However, some people have difficulty understanding how this feeling has the power to change their lives. In this text, I will explain why you should practice gratitude, how the Universe follows the practice of gratitude and how your body - that's right, your body - behaves when you practice this wonderful feeling.

After all, why should you practice gratitude?

When we feel gratitude, we send the Universe an excellent vibration, because the simple act of thanking leaves us with a sense of accomplishment. As I always emphasize, similars attract similar ones. Therefore, if you feel love, you are sending love to the Universe, and it will give you more love. It is action and reaction, it never fails. Surely you must know a person who is always in a bad mood, he sends it to the Universe, and the Universe gives it back. In conclusion, she will always be in a bad mood.

The same happens with people "up" in a good mood. They are always overflowing with joy, for they send that feeling and receive it from the Universe.

Gratitude is no different. When we manifest this feeling, more of it will be delivered to us.

The more you thank for what you are and what you have, the more reason to thank the Universe will put in your life. Did you see why you should practice gratitude? It puts us in the vibrational flow of the Universe, putting more useful things in our lives to thank.

How does gratitude work in our bodies?

Yes, that's right. When we practice gratitude, we activate a part of our brain: the reward part. This reaction causes a feeling of happiness and well-being (good vibration). When our brain realizes this, it releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that, when released, creates a sense of pleasure and motivation. This helps us, working as a stimulus for our day today.

Gratitude is vital and must be practiced frequently, it is a feeling that can change your life. If any area of your life is not right, it is because you forgot to put gratitude.

How to put gratitude into practice in your life?

Now that you understand why you should practice gratitude, you need to find reasons in your life to thank. As you saw, there are plenty of reasons to thank.

Even in an adverse situation, we can find something positive to appreciate. One of the ways I use is to have a notebook of gratitude and write down all the things for which I am grateful.

It works like this:

You need to purchase a notebook, it can be a simple notebook so that you can leave it under the pillow or in a place that is easily accessible to you.

You will list five things from each area of ​​your life that you are grateful for: “I am grateful for my car, my wife or husband, for my home, for my sleep, for my knowledge.” your criteria.

Try to place at least 20 items.

Whenever you wake up and whenever you go to sleep, read the reasons for which you are grateful and feel good, feel sincere gratitude, and enter the flow of good vibration.

You will notice that in a short time, things will improve absurdly in your life.

I hope you enjoyed the text. I want to leave here my sincere gratitude for your time and attention spent reading this article.

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