7 Small habits that will improve your life

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Having goals and dreams creates enthusiasm in anyone's life. However, the path to achieving the final goal can be daunting and demotivating at some point. Many find that having a daily routine allows you to feel a sort of security in your everyday life, no matter how risky the decisions to be made. Here I share seven habits of success come together that will undoubtedly make a difference in your life and day-to-day, bringing more security and guarantee that you are on a successful path.

1 - Visualize Visualizing what we want and desire can be a fundamental step in achieving our goals. So, imagine what you wish to every day, make it a habit, and you will get positive results. For example, if it is hard for you to fall asleep, try to visualize what you want the next day to be like. Don't focus on the worries or stressful moments of the past day, think about how you would like tomorrow to be. Believe that, in addition to falling asleep more quickly, the next day will start more smoothly and positively.

2 - Set priorities One of the main reasons for not being able to reach your goals may be related to wanting to do and fulfill everything simultaneously. Ask yourself what the ultimate goal is. Based on this, put aside everything that doesn't matter to achieve the desired goal. Recognize that after an objective is achieved, you can return to these aspects.

3 - Wake up early Dealing with several important issues before everyone wakes up creates a strong sense of productivity in your day. Create this important daily habit, and you will realize how much more confident you feel to reach your final goal.

4 - Create a morning routine Immediately after waking up, try to do the same for several days and in the same order. For example: drink a glass of water, get some exercise, and then check your schedule. In this morning routine, which is repeated daily, you can also include something that makes you happy, and that will help you reduce possible levels of stress and anxiety. For example, have a healthy breakfast, with time and space to meditate on how you want your day to run. Allied to a morning routine habit is the need to wake up early, mentioned in the previous point, as well as the importance of visualizing what we want.

5 - Drink water Drinking water can and should be part of our morning routine, as mentioned above, but not only. Drinking water throughout the day speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel more energized.

6 - Be minimalist Get rid of everything you don't use and don't need. Do not accumulate objects just for fear of loss. Being in a minimalist environment, and clean of unnecessary utensils, creates a feeling of lightness and helps our subconscious to look ahead and focus on future goals.

7 - Define barriers to online presence We quickly get stuck in the online world, whether via social networks, blog posts, videos, among others. Without realizing it, half of our day is spent on the Internet, occupied with issues that do not bring any productivity. Create habits that limit your online presence. For example, don't check email or social media early in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Some habits will be easier to build than others, differing in how long it takes to be fully integrated into your routine. Be patient with yourself, and learn from your mistakes. If, on a particular day, you did not perform one of your successful habits, try to understand what failed, overcome the obstacle, and return to the habit the next day.

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